The weight sorting of high value small sized items has been at the heart of CI's activities since 1968. The SADE Sorter was first developed for the diamond industry.

During the 1970's and 80's CI Electronics designed and supplied average weight controllers for in process control and the first of our automatic balances for weighing tablets and capsules that used CI's own weigh heads.

In 1986 CI launched the SADE P2 tablet and capsule weight sorter. With a 60 litre hopper the SADE P2 was capable of weighing and sorting bulk quantities. It soon gained a reputation with pharmaceutical manufacturers for quality and performance. Over 270 units were sold worldwide and many are still in service today.

In 1999 the SADE P4 twin unit was launched. This provided twice the ouput and proved popular for larger batches.

In 2006 the SADE P series was replaced by the SADE SP Series.

CI has also made a very wide range of specialised weight sorters for a variety of small objects less than 2g in weight.